Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Virtual SharePoint Architecture

SharePoint Products and Technologies

Microsoft Office SharePoint Products and Technologies are a set of tools that provide for robust collaboration, document management, Web content management, and enterprise search. SharePoint tools allow organizations to easily share knowledge and valuable content on an extensible, scalable enterprise platform. The latest release of SharePoint Products and Technologies includes WSS 3.0, freely available with a license of Windows Server, and MOSS 2007, a full function Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration tool. Both WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 are installed on one or many Windows servers, depending on the scope and scale of the deployment. Virtualization of these servers may often be ideal, depending on the specific scenario.


Today Virtualization allows organizations to reduce overall physical SharePoint server count. According to article Virtualization Efficiencies by some estimates, up to 70 percent of processor and memory deployed on physical hardware goes unutilized. Virtualization allows for a much larger percentage of available resources to be more effectively utilized.
Given below the Virtualization of Microsoft® SharePoint® Products and Technologies article and the Sample Multi-Farm Physical and Virtual SharePoint Architecture

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