Monday, August 31, 2009

SharePoint Shortcut Keys

Wow this what say when saw that SharePoint has Shortcut Keys, what cool feature. Shortcut key most of the time available for Windows Application till date most of the web application do not have this functions.

Some sample keys

View All Site Content link.   ALT+3

Site Actions menu.             ALT+/

Search link.                      ALT+S

Help link.                         ALT+6

Home link.                        ALT+1

Site Actions menu.             SHIFT+ENTER

New Document                  ALT+N

Upload Document              ALT+U

For details of more shortcut keys visit

Thursday, August 27, 2009

SharePoint List / Document Libraries Scalability

Recently SharePoint forum user posted a query about SharePoint Document Library and List item limitation. When search technet founded that.

Each document library can store 2 million records, if you need very large document libraries by nesting folders.

Each List can store 2000 items however you can create nested folder to overcome this limitation.

Each List / Doc library can create 2000 folder. If you have beyond a thousand entries each folder Folder do not perform

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Introduction to Branding SharePoint

I am presenting "Introduction to Branding SharePoint". at SharePointPros.SG user group On 20th Aug. 2009

Location Microsoft Singapore Level 22 CF-12 @ 6:45pm, If you are  interested and  time permits please join.....

To Register for the event please email to ssofian at

In this session you will learn about how to  change SharePoint site style and design?. We will review the topic related to branding as it relates to SharePoint as well as dive into the use of themes, master pages, page layouts and CSS to create a more good look and feel for SharePoint. We will also discuss the entire branding process from the creation of the design to the deployment.