Thursday, October 16, 2008

Silverlight 2.0

Silverlight 2 is out. With our expected stuff like SDK, Expression, and Silverlight tools

Microsoft Silverlight 2 SDK
Expression Blend 2 SP1
Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1
Deep Zoom Composer

You can also code Silverlight with the free Visual Web Developer Express, which is absolutely free you don't need to pay for a working development environment to try out Silverlight.

If you like to Learn Silverlight 2

The best way to learn Silverlight 2 is to visit the web-site. You can find free online tutorials, videos and training available there.

The site also hosts an online forum system where MVPs and Microsoft Silverlight team members will be able to help answer technical questions. Also make sure to subscribe to the Silverlight Community RSS Feed, Jesse Liberty's Blog, and Tim Heuer's Blog for a daily dose of great Silverlight content.

To understand the basics click here you learn below topics

• Part 0: Introduction
• Part 1: Creating "Hello World" with Silverlight 2 and VS 2008
• Part 2: Using Layout Management
• Part 3: Using Networking to Retrieve Data and Populate a DataGrid
• Part 4: Using Style Elements to Better Encapsulate Look and Feel
• Part 5: Using the ListBox and DataBinding to Display List Data
• Part 6: Using User Controls to Implement Master/Details Scenarios
• Part 7: Using Templates to Customize Control Look and Feel
• Part 8: Creating a Digg Desktop Version of our Application using WPF

For more information you visit Scott Hanselman's and ScottGu's

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