Sunday, April 29, 2012

Windows 8 Events in Singapore

Come join us in one of these Windows 8 hands-on sessions that will allow you to the opportunity to go through the app development process with our Windows 8 experts.

Topics to be covered, with focus on html and Javascript:

  1. List Views and Data Binding
  2. Orientation, Snapping and Semantic Zoom
  3. Searching and Sharing
  4. Appbars and Media Capture
  5. Lifetime Management
  6. Settings and Preferences
  7. Tiles and Notifications
  8. Windows Store

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Windows 8 Developer Camp – HTML5 on Metro will be the biggest technical event Microsoft Singapore is organizing on Windows 8.

HTML5 is here, and with it, web applications take on power, ease, scalability, and responsiveness like never before. HTML5 on Metro lets developers learn how to use the latest cutting-edge HTML5 web technology to build  Windows 8 applications with unparalleled functionality, speed, and responsiveness.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

MVP Award Kit

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2012-04-08 14.17.28
2012-04-08 20.11.242012-04-08 14.10.22
My boys enjoyed and had fun with crystal trophy Smile

Thursday, April 5, 2012

FAQ on MVP Award

Recently I posted about Microsoft MVP Award, few of them ask me about how to obtain this award.

The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Program was started in the mid 1990s. Its not a certification something you can study for and sit a test or take an exam. The Microsoft MVP program is an award given to community leaders around the world, for their contributions to the community.

MVPs voluntarily share their passion and real-world knowledge of Microsoft products, helping others make the most of their technology. They are recognized each quarter for this annual award, and each year around 4,000 MVPs are honored worldwide.

MVPs are nominated by Microsoft, other community individuals. Candidates are rigorously evaluated for their technical expertise, community leadership, and voluntary community contributions for the previous year. They come from more than 90 countries, speak over 40 different languages, and are awarded in more than 90 Microsoft technologies. Together, they answer more than 10 million questions a year!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

MVP Award 2012

It is a great pleasure & honor to announce that today I have been awarded with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award (MVP) for outstanding contributions in Windows Azure.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my colleague Wely Lau, Alvin Lau, Steve and Kit Kai who supported and motivated me very well.


Dear Kamaludeen Faizal,

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2012 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in Windows Azure technical communities during the past year.