Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect

Recently obtain TOGAF Enterprise Architecture certification, during the course  enrolment the university (NUS ISS) challenge me with following questions.

1) Why we should accept you into this programme? 

A huge part of Enterprise Architect in general is communicating and selling ideas and vision.  The main area that I work in is the evaluation of IT offerings (i.e. Cloud Computing) against the business processes and business requirements and selecting the strategic applications and middleware to meet those requirements. AS an Enterprise Architect I should analysis the current state and the strategic for ?to-be? architectures which includes looking at the as-is architecture and what exists today and making decisions on what the strategic architecture should look like in future.

As an Enterprise Architect. In my mind there are four technology specialties which coincidently match how Business, Applications, Infrastructure and Data. I hope that these course would allow me learn more about these four key areas and provide better consulting for our clients.


2) Educational qualifications and professional experience:

I am holding a Bachelor?s degree in Business Administration from the Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, India (1999), and a Master?s degree in Business Administration from the Central Queensland University (CQU) Australia. (2006).

I am having, 14+years? experience in information systems, understand the business process and formulating, propose design/system architecture, developing and managing application, Design site maps, process maps, prototypes, provide online service, managing security access level, data protection, end-user consulting, risk management, Plan & Monitor and control project schedules, project management and he successfully migrated applications from Lotus Notes to .NET / SharePoint portal.

After 7 full days of training, project work, assessment and presentation NUS ISS and TOGAF awarded me  


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Windows Azure Video Tutorials Now Available


Quick introduction to a variety of topics,including how to connect enterprise assets with Windows Azure roleswith a new feature called Windows Azure Connect, how to synchronize SQLServer data with SQL Azure, how to authenticate users with Access   Control Services (ACS), and how to migrate ASP.NET applications toWindows Azure. We've also included a 5-part series on how to apply the Microsoft Software Development Lifecycle (also known as SDL) to developing applications for Windows Azure.  Most of videos are five minutes or less and include related code samples.