Thursday, March 24, 2011

AzureUG.SG Meeting on 30th March 2011



Date: 30th March 2011                

Location : Microsoft Singapore   Level 21 Auditorium

Time : 6:45pm to 9:30pm

(Light Refreshments will be served before the session)

Session Agenda

Best practices for designing & developing applications for Azure

Rishi Agrawal. – Microsoft – Azure Technical Specialist

The Azure platform, and the related new development model, provides many opportunities to design and develop applications in many flexible ways.  This session will provide some interesting practices for designing & developing applications for Azure.  In many situations, such practices might be considered ‘best practices’, but as we all know – rules are meant to be broken depending on  the situation….


Advanced Topics on Windows Azure Service Roles

Wely, Solution Architect (Azure MVP)  - NCS (P) Ltd.

This session will walk you through each Windows Azure Service Roles (Web, Worker, and VM) and explains the appropriate scenario of using them. Subsequently, we will show you how to enable Remote Desktop (RDP) to your Windows Azure instances. Finally, we will show you how to pre-configure or pre-install some third-party program that your application need on the Windows Azure. Apart from presentation slide, you will see more live demo to have a better comprehension on the real-scenario.

Speaker Profile :

Rishi Agrawal. – Microsoft – Azure Technical Specialist

Profile:  Rishi Agrawal has been with Microsoft for 11 years, in different roles related with Application Platform and IPTV products.  Currently, he is Azure Technical Specialist for the Microsoft South East Asia region.  In his role, Rishi interacts with various Azure customers and partners from the region, as well as Azure product group and other technical specialists.

Wely Lau (Microsoft MVP, Windows Azure)

Prior joining NCS as a “Cloud” Architect, he worked as Developer Evangelist for Microsoft Indonesia. Driving the adoption of latest Microsoft Development Platform to technical communities was his main mission.

In NCS, he focuses on Cloud Computing, specifically on Windows Azure Platform. Performing cloud consultancy, architecting cloud solution, and delivering cloud training are his day-to-day activities. In spare time, he writes blog, delivers presentation to technical community, and participates in online activities. His passion in driving Microsoft technologies especially Windows Azure makes him to be awarded the first Windows Azure in Southeast Asia.

Please RSVP to confirm your registration and attendance by 29 March 2011. (  Note that there’s currently no email confirmation for the event

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Windows Azure SDK 1.4

New versions of the Windows Azure Software Development Kit(SDK) and Windows Azure Management Portal are now available to developers.  The 1.4 version of the Windows Azure SDK includes new features for both Windows Azure Connect and the Windows Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN).  It also includes enhancements to improve the stability and robustness of Remote Desktop to Windows Azure Roles, as well as other bug fixes

New features we are enabling today include:

  • Windows Azure Connect:
    • Multiple administrator support on the Admin UI.
    • An updated Client UI with improved status notifications and diagnostic capabilities.
    • The ability to install the Windows Azure Connect client on non-English versions of Windows.
  • Windows Azure CDN:
    • Windows Azure CDN for Hosted Services: Developers can now use the Windows Azure Web and VM roles as"origin" for objects to be delivered at scale via the Windows Azure CDN. Static content in a website can be automatically edge-cached at locations through out the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America to provide maximum bandwidth and lower latency delivery of website content to users.
    • Serve secure content from the Windows Azure CDN: A new checkbox option in the Windows Azure management portal enables delivery of secure content via HTTPS through any existing Windows Azure CDN account.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

AzureUG.SG meeting summary

My self and Wely (Windows Azure MVP) founded the AzureUG.SG (Singapore Windows Azure User Group) in Singapore we had our first Azure.UG meeting at Microsoft Singapore on 26th January 2011.


We got wonderful response more than 30 participants attended the meeting. Microsoft supported us in various form Mingfei Yan Developer Evangelist team help us sponsored as nice food for participants.



David Tang, Product Marketing Manager from Microsoft Singapore. Given welcome note, David talked about the opportunity, potential and Microsoft commitments on Windows Azure cloud computing. Big Thanks to David Tang who helped us lot in many ways our UG.



Developing, Deploying, and Managing Windows Azure Application by Wely (Windows Azure MVP)

The first session done by Wely, He talked about Developing, Deploying, and Managing Windows Azure Application. This talk was actually derived from what Jim’s session in PDC2010. He stared his session with explaining overview of Windows Azure and complete the rest of the session with more demo. Starting with creating an application with Visual Studio, deploying it on Windows Azure Developer portal, and finally managing the deployed application via remote desktop.



You can download my slides and sample code over here

Exploring Windows Azure Storage – Mohammed Faizal

The second session was done by me. I start to discuss about Windows Azure Storage in overview first, subsequently explore more on Windows Azure Table Storage in deep. I use Portfolio and stock and How effectively you can use partition key and row key access or retrieve data from storage.

  • Unique partition key is the fastest access method.
  • Partition key and row key is very fast
  • Partition key and no row key is slower (the Table service needs to read all properties for each entity in the partition).
  • No partition key and no row key is very slow


Download presentation slide from