Faizal and Wely (MVP) started new user group for Windows Azure “AzureUG.SG” With growing cloud business in Singapore. Initially they started to share our knowledge with .NET user group and SQL user group (2 session contacted this year) but these avenue limited us to share respective group related topics. Windows Azure topic such as :

1.            Access control service
2.            Service bus
3.            VM Role (Full trust / VM)
4.            Sync frame work
5.            Migration
6.            Development
7.            Integration
8.            Windows Azure storage

These avenue are limited to share above topics and audience also different from above user groups, if we have our own Azure user group that will help us to share and educated Azure community in Singapore.

Rishi (Azure TSP from Singapore), Neng Giin (DPE, Singapore) need you guys helps to support the community as well.

Objective of User Group

AzureUG.SG is a Singapore user group is a community-run user group with the goal of learning about the Windows Azure cloud computing platform. This will primarily happen through regular in-person meetings where we will discuss and share knowledge and experiences on development and architecture of the Windows Azure Platform, SQL Azure and Windows Azure AppFabric.

Where will meetings be held?

Meetings are planned to be held at the Microsoft Singapore, Level 21 or 22 (After office hrs 7:00pm to 9:00pm)

What is the plan for future meetings and events?

For a start the meetings are held bimonthly (every two months), moving forward we will convert as Monthly event.
  • Bi-monthly / monthly newsletter
  • Invitation and reminder to event
  • Event (Presentation / Demo sharing sessions )
  • Post event summary:
    • # of participant
    • photo
    • topics
    • download material
  • UG portal
Who runs this user group?

The AzureUG.SG is being run by Mohamed Faizal and Wely (Azure MVP).  The group will start from January 2011. Note that Mohamed Faizal and Wely both work on the user group is entirely on their own time, independent of his employer.

For FY 2011 we held 5 UG meeting each meeting more than 30 members participated and learned about Windows Azure.