Thursday, October 16, 2008

K2 blackpearl 101 Course Singapore – 24 to 27 Nov, 2008

K2 [blackpearl] 101 Course Description (24th to 26th Nov)

The K2 blackpearl 101 program is an instructor-led, three-day course that is designed to provide participants with extensive hands-on product practice via lab exercises. K2 blackpearl 101 has 26 modules (listed below) that are intended to introduce the basic concepts, features and functions of K2 blackpearl to a business-knowledgeable technical audience. This fundamentals course is a prerequisite for all additional training.

K2101 Course Modules

K2 Fundamentals
K2 Building Blocks
About the K2 Studio Designer
Using the K2 Studio Designer
K2 Workspace
K2 Workspace Management Console
K2 Worklist
K2 Workspace Reporting
K2 Workspace Notifications
K2 Web Designer
K2 Designer for Visio
Collaborative Process Design
About SharePoint Administration
SharePoint Administration – Sites and Workspaces
SharePoint Administration – Libraries and Lists
SharePoint Administration – User Management
SharePoint Content Management
SharePoint Content Management – Workflow Integration
SharePoint Content Management – Documents and List Items
SharePoint Content Management – Search Results in Processes
SharePoint Content Management – Records Management
SharePoint Content Management – Event Integration
SharePoint Content Management – Publishing
Delivering K2 Information in SharePoint (BDC)

This training FOC for K2 partners

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