Tuesday, October 26, 2010

South East Asia SharePoint Conference 2010 Day 1 Comments

Wonderful day guys… South East Asia SharePoint Conference 2010 is begin today more than 500 delegates attended the 1st day event.


I attended the following sessions

Keynote speaker Mike Fitzmaurice has shared how did SharePoint started and how it becomes center of the universe. Interestingly he use most of his presentation with simple picture and talk about SharePoint history. (By mistake his photos listed list of speaker from USA, he pointed out that he not an American and he is Canadian) His shown as the first SharePoint Conference WF T-Shirt.

Virtualization of SharePoint 2010 Farm Architecture session by Michael Noel who is author of SharePoint 2010 Unlashed book he share above topic how organizations can begun to replace physical servers virtualizing the SharePoint Web Front end server, Index Query server, Service Application Server and Database server. During this session he share lots of tips and trick about virtualization.


Virtualization of SharePoint 2010 Farm Architecture session by Michael Noel

SharePoint 2010 : Developing with Data Technologies session by Randy Williams my favourite local speaker and one of the organizing member for South East Asia SharePoint Conference. He shared about how developer can use various Technologies retrieve / update / delete data from SharePoint. In this session he focus on CAML vs LINQ to SharePoint and dive in to LINQ to SharePoint demo. He also explain about REST API and finally talk about Client object model. His session was bit drag due to delegates questions and answers mainly on Permission and exception handling on Client object model programming. Sorry Randy I don’t take photo of your session I was looking at your demo and presentations.

Developing Web Parts in SharePoint 2010 by Ishai Sagi who is author for SharePoint 2010 How To book In this session he sharing his experience about  developing webpart with SharePoint 2001 with VB scripts and how much Microsoft improve in SharePoint 2010 on Visual Web Part development. The important thing he share about common mistake developer make while developer developing web parts. He also demo to us AJAX visual web part and Sandox Web Part development for SharePoint online (Cloud). He giveaway two prices. SharePoint 2010 How to book and MSDN Subscription worth of $8000.


Me and Ishai Sagi 


Developing Web Parts in SharePoint 2010 presentation by Ishai Sagi

Playing with Sanbox by Wictor Wilen my favorite blogger I regularly following his post resent one his Visual guide to Windows Live ID authentication which very good most people talk about this on community. It is great opportunities to meet him face to face in Singapore. I took a photo a with him.

During his session he was talking about Sanbox solution. So for I don’t see many people talk about this because of scare. He just start general introduction and how it will work. He also discuss and show how to overcome the limitations in the Sandbox solution. I am happy to know that his SharePoint 2010 Web Parts in Action book will available on Print soon. Currently he offer 40% discount for e-book. He give away MSDN Subscription worth of $8000.


Faizal and Wictor Wilen

Why code when you can click and build SharePoint 2010 applications using InfoPath 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010 and Visio 2010! Session by Alpesh Nakar that was full house no place to sit I was standing 1hr to see his demo and presentation. Somehow the feature that he was going through was not existed to me. (Since I was using SharePoint 2010 beta 1 and did same kind of presentation two times) But I notice that the delegates loved his presentation and posted questions to him on SharePoint workflow and SharePoint Workspace.


Presentation Session by Alpesh Nakar

Overall the day one was good… Looking forward Day 2 sessions.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cloud computing assessments and Start-ups


Recently i come across the following blog post What You Need and Want With Windows Azure Part I and What You Need and Want With Windows Azure Part II which talk about Basic requirements of Windows Azure start up.

David Pallmann's Technology Blog discuss about  is a right way and a wrong way to get involved with cloud computing. This article series is about doing it the right way and focuses on the use of cloud computing assessments to properly evaluate, plan for, and adopt cloud computing. Two part of articles link given below for your reading

Cloud Computing Assessments, Part 1: The Right Way to Adopt Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Assessments, Part 2: Envisioning Benefits & Risks

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Custom Document ID


The following post provides you details How to create a custom Document ID provider for SharePoint Server 2010!


The namespace Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement contains a class called DocumentIdProvider, which will be the base for our upcoming project!


This is the class we will derive from when creating our custom provider. It contains three (3) abstract methods and one (1) abstract method that we need to implement:

For details post visit ": Tobias Zimmergren's thoughts on development blog http://www.zimmergren.net/archive/2010/04/13/sp-2010-sharepoint-server-2010-creating-your-custom-document-id-provider.aspx 

SharePoint Analyst HQ http://www.sharepointanalysthq.com/2010/04/document-id-feature/

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Document ID Settings Error “There are no addresses available for this application”


Recently i enable Document ID future in SharePoint 2010 when i click Settings -> Site Collection Administration – Site Collection Administration to  Document ID settings link i got following error how to resolve it.

“There are no addresses available for this application.” 


Go to central admin, Service on Server and make sure that SharePoint Search service is running else enable your Search service.


Go back and click Site Collection Administration to  Document ID settings links


System will show the Document ID's setting screen.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

How to Configure Document ID services

Document ID's is new future in SharePoint Server 2010 which provide you the ability to tag documents with a unique identification number.

I remember few of my clients have done custom solutions take care of in SharePoint 2007. With this new feature, you get all the required functionality to tag documents with unique identification numbers based on a specific pre-set formula with a custom prefix.

  • New site collection Feature: Document ID Service
  • Adds unique ID for all documents throughout the site collection
  • Documents can be retrieved regardless of the current of future location based on their unique ID, which does not change after initially set for the document
  • Using Microsoft.Office.Document Management.DocumentIdProvider to add custom Document ID provider.

To Enable Document ID Service go to Site Settings -> Site Collection Administration


Click Activate on  Document ID service and to back to Settings -> Site Collection Administration – Site Collection Administration to  Document ID settings links


System will show auto generate your unique ID's OR you can specify a prefix  4-12 document ID which you can configure as you wish


Beside enable above function you need to run following timer jobs so that system will assign the Document ID immediately. 

Go Central Admin. run Now following jobs


Limitation : ONLY content types that are derived from the Document Content Type will have unique ID’s