Monday, November 12, 2012

Newsfeed : we’re still collecting the latest news !!!

After you overcome My Site issue you may encounter another issue

We’re still collecting the latest news, you may see more if you try again a litter later

SharePoint 2013 newsfeed










After waiting few hours and restarted server and tried many ways but no help its shows me… above message…

and try this option : no help… :-(

So i decided to investigate ULS Log, which shows displays that “No cache hosts are present or running in the farm”

ULS Log Viewer

Under Service notice that AppFabric Caching Service was disable, I started the service and Re-set Application Pool and Re-Set IIS server NO HELP !!!


Finally discover that “Distributed cache” is stopped on SharePoint Service on Server

  • Go to Central Administration, click Application Management.
  • In Service Applications, click Manage Services on Server.
  • On the Services on Server page, locate the Distributed Cache service.
  • If the Distributed Cache service is stopped and you want to start the service, under Action, click Start.

    Servive on Server

    Click “Newsfeed” now you can view “Status update text box, newsfeeds…” enjoy…

    Faizal My Site, Newsfeed

  • SharePoint 2013 : My Site Something went wrong ?

    After Install & configure SharePoint Server 2013. First think everyone wants to explore the new feature called “Newsfeed” on My Site.

    Unfortunately, sometimes you may expected following error.

    “We’re sorry, Something went wrong with your My Site setup.

    Please try again later or contact your help desk.” 

    My Site

    This error due to root site, after Installing SharePoint 2013, you need to configure default the Root (/) site collection, sometimes you may created under /Sites/ instead of Root (/).

    Now you create new Site collection  (/) Root. this will enable you to create My Site without any issue. :-)

    Site Collection

    After Root Site collection created you may able to see Newsfeed, Blog, Apps, and Tasks