Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quest Software for Notes to Exchange/SharePoint

Today I was attending Quest Software Seminar @ Singapore, Learn that Quest has come up with various tool for Notes to SharePoint migration.

Notes Migrator for Exchange
Notes Migrator for SharePoint
Development Studio for SharePoint
Integrate (coming soon)
Notes Integrator for SharePoint
Recovery Manager for Exchange
Recovery Manager for SharePoint
Archive Manager
Spotlight on Exchange
Site Administrator for SharePoint

Interesting things is Notes Migrator for SharePoint 5 soon going incorporate additional feature to do Application Analysis. Currently Microsoft Transporter and Binary Tree provide this service.

Understand from presenter that Microsoft moving away from enhancing Microsoft Transporter tool and rely on vendor to do these Jobs. Also Interesting thing is Microsoft Transporter Application Analyser, Analyse application and place them in to 4 Quadrants namely Template Derived Applications, Data centric, Process centric and Custom application. These result are not accurate,. So quest going to adopt different way of analysing the application. let’s wait for more info. I Request presenter to drop me e-mail on this. Once I received updated info, share with you guys.

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