Sunday, March 22, 2015

One step close to Microsoft… OR another dream comes true…

Recently, I have been nominated and accepted as a extended V-TSP program (now called as P-Seller)

What is a P-Seller (VTSP) is an employee of a Microsoft Partner who is acting as an extension of the Microsoft team in the capacity of pre-sales technical support. As a V-TSP, I have ability to position, demonstrate, design and implement Microsoft solutions.

  • We’re given Microsoft network credentials, email address and VPN access.  We can use these to gain additional access to Microsoft internal resources (similar to what’s available to full time employees).
  • Access to guidance on technical learning plans, solution training, advanced technical training material and Pilot/PoC/ADS training material.
  • Tighter integration with product teams.
  • Additional training outside of what is available to other partners or the public.

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