Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apps for SharePoint 2013

(From My SharePoint 2013 Ignite Notebook) Part 1

Think SharePoint 2013 as a Portal Platform, which help you understand the new paradigm shift, which helps lots of developer to do program using C#, Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, NodeJS. The SharePoint 2013 App model is based on web standards: HTML 5, CSS, JS, OAuth 2.0 and OData. Today SharePoint enable most of the SharePoint API functions remote accessible the remote interface is much easier to maintain and more secure. This also concept also open door for SharePoint Developer create Facebook kind of applications for SharePoint and Office.


Today Application Challenges

Till SharePoint 2010 solution deployment done either Sandbox or Farm Solutions,

  • Sandbox Solution
    • Limited
    • Only allow to access sub set of server side APIs
    • Cannot call external hosted web services
    • Use client side object call hosted web services
    • Supported for Online and on premise environment
  •  Farm Solution
    • Need big server touch
    • Not possible to deploy on SharePoint Online
    • IT Pro. Say Performance issue due to developer code
    • Deploy file to \BIN directory or GAC folder
    • Outages when deploy code
    • When error occur, affect the app pool which make cause service outage
    • Supported only for on premise environment
  • SharePoint Apps
    • Easy to deploy apps.
    • Reduce the number of 99.99
    • One set of server is for lots of customer
    • Application no longer live in SharePoint
    • Code executed in client, cloud or on-prem
    • Permission via OAuth.
    • Service bus EndPoint via REST / CSOM
    • No Sever-Side SharePoint API for Apps
    • Supports HTML5, CSS, JS and railed development

What type application we can develop?

  • Contact form
  • Travel request form
  • Shared documents
  • Contact list
  • Room booking
  • Visitor information
  • Claims
  • Leave applications
  • HR related forms download
  • More input look at 40 SharePoint template to develop applications

Choice of Application type


  • Provider Hosted Apps
  • Windows Azure Auto-Provisioned Apps
  • SharePoint Hosted Apps


SharePoint and Office apps Microsoft going to introduce a commercial public marketplace, Today Office has 75 M users, Office and SharePoint Apps concept sounds very promising. Beside the public marketplace there is also option for private corporate app catalog for enterprise

Downslide of SharePoint Apps

  • The performance is depends on Network latency issues
  • InfoPath form not supported as SharePoint Apps
  • Timer jobs are not possible within an app
  • Deep changes to the user site are not possible with an app
  • Cannot have any server-side SharePoint code


Aroh Shukla said...

Very nice article...SharePoint 2013 apps model looks quite promising ..however, limitation on timer job & server OM at least for me somewhat a bit drastic ...I still didn't have "hands on" in terms of SharePoint apps yet ...

Mustansir Husain said...

Nice article. I have been enlightening a couple of my team mates on the App Model and the whole mindset shift required to understand them.

And they were giving me the "I don't know what you are talking" looks. It will take time to seep in.