Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AZUREUG.SG July 27th Meeting @ Microsoft 7:00pm

(Light Refreshments will be served before the session)

Claim based authentication @ Windows Azure

Ma Qi (Sam), Solutions Architect @ NCS

During this session you will learn about the major investments in claims-based identity in Windows Azure Platform. He will discuss the new identity architecture, learn about all the components and how to manage and operate them. In addition, He will go over the design decisions you will need to make as you plan the interop between Windows Azure and external systems/Web services. During this session sam will show as a demo how to convert traditional RBAC ASP.NET application into CBAC application.

Profile :

Ma Qi (Sam) is currently working in NCS as .Net Application Architect. Since graduated from Xi’an Jiao Tong university in China, Sam started his IT career as software developer in 1997. In 2000, Sam moved to Singapore to pursue career development. During the period, Sam worked in various technology companies with different roles such as Software Developer, System designer, IT Consultant, System Analyst, Application Architect. In the past 5 years, Sam had successfully executed 2 enterprise .Net projects. Besides career, Sam received his MSc (Information Studies) from Nanyang Technological University in 2007.

Must-Have Tools for Windows Azure

K.Mohamed Faizal, Lead consultant @ NCS

Any platform, by its own nature, creates an ecosystem for third-party tools and helpers. Windows Azure is no different. In this session we look at a variety of the third-party tools available in the Windows Azure ecosystem. Included are tools for both developers and IT professionals. We look at tools that will help manage storage and resources, migration, scaling, diagnostics and software components that will help you build cloud applications.

Profile : 

Faizal  is an Lead Consultant with Chief Architect Office, NCS (P) Ltd.  Faizal spends his days serving as a consultant or architect helping clients succeed with the Microsoft development platform. He has over a decade of experience in Information Technology with a focus on enabling portals, Internet & Intranet application development. His area of specialization includes but is not limited to evaluate & develop migration strategies for Cloud Computing (Windows Azure) as well as for SharePoint Server technologies.  Faizal spends most of his spare time reading technology blogs and exploring new development technologies. Part of community work Faizal is active speaker in SharePoint User group.  Faizal and Wely (MVP) founded AzureUG.SG User groups in Singapore and they meet every month last Wednesday night at Microsoft Singapore to discuss, share knowledge and experiences on development and Windows Azure architecture.

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