Saturday, April 23, 2011

Speaking at Microsoft Cloud Day @ Singapore

On 27th April 2011 speaking at the Microsoft Cloud Day event, I session at 11am after the tea break, I understand that the event is over response (after 200 people booking confirmation).

My topic is Building Web application with Azure Storage

A key component of any cloud computing offering is durable storage. Windows Azure provides 3 forms of durable storage: tables, blobs, and queues. Join me as we explore the highlights of these 3 important implementations.

In this session you will learn storage capabilities of Windows Azure, Blobs, Tables and Queues. Discover how to create storage accounts; upload and retrieve blobs and blob metadata; create, update and query tables; and create a simple service that uses a message queue for communication.

I prepare for set of demo for each topics, Hope everything will become smooth on the day.

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