Thursday, March 10, 2011

Windows Azure SDK 1.4

New versions of the Windows Azure Software Development Kit(SDK) and Windows Azure Management Portal are now available to developers.  The 1.4 version of the Windows Azure SDK includes new features for both Windows Azure Connect and the Windows Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN).  It also includes enhancements to improve the stability and robustness of Remote Desktop to Windows Azure Roles, as well as other bug fixes

New features we are enabling today include:

  • Windows Azure Connect:
    • Multiple administrator support on the Admin UI.
    • An updated Client UI with improved status notifications and diagnostic capabilities.
    • The ability to install the Windows Azure Connect client on non-English versions of Windows.
  • Windows Azure CDN:
    • Windows Azure CDN for Hosted Services: Developers can now use the Windows Azure Web and VM roles as"origin" for objects to be delivered at scale via the Windows Azure CDN. Static content in a website can be automatically edge-cached at locations through out the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America to provide maximum bandwidth and lower latency delivery of website content to users.
    • Serve secure content from the Windows Azure CDN: A new checkbox option in the Windows Azure management portal enables delivery of secure content via HTTPS through any existing Windows Azure CDN account.

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