Monday, November 22, 2010

Windows Azure Advanced Applications Training

From 15th Nov. 2010 to 19th Nov 2010, We had a great week with Windows Azure Core Team member Mr.Patrick Butler Monterde and Mr.Rishi Agrawal trained exclusively NCS Architects.

Day 1: Developing Applications for the Cloud on the Microsoft Windows Azure™ Platform.

Day 2: Moving Applications to the Cloud on the Microsoft Windows Azure™ Platform.

Day 3 & 4: Azure Advanced Applications – Make it real!


Wely (Azure MVP) Rishi Agrawal, Mohamed Faizal and Patrick Butler Monterde

First day training was very different from traditional method Patrick kick start with assigning project from each team and explore more about Windows Azure, Windows Azure Storage, SQL Azure and AppFabric and present the understanding on each topics. That was wonder experience and learn with fun.

Second day Rishi share with us upcoming features for Microsoft Sync Framework on SQL Azure. After tea break Patrick come with real world scenario that he implemented using Azure and assign team to work on solutions and present the pro and con. finally Patrick share with us his actual solution. This session was very intensive and helps to apply the learning on the spot.

Third day Rishi share with us Azure 1.3 new features (i.e. VM Role, Full IIS, Remote login) and Patrick share with us AppFabric after lunch Patrick given each team the real world scenario“Make it Real”. Each team responsible to do following task’s

  • Analyzing a business scenario.
  • Selecting the most suitable architectural implementation.
  • Designing and implementing Windows Azure solutions.
  • Presenting and justifying your selection.

Each team need to come up with

  • Component-Level Architecture for Windows Azure that will address the scenario at hand in a complete manner.
  • Class-Diagram outlining the relevant interfaces, class structure, methods and properties that will be implemented for the solution.
  • Code Sample must be created demonstrating one area of the proposed solution.

and forth day each team created a short presentation and share about the factors you considered tools you used to help your selection, any resources you found, and  conclusions. When each presentation completed Patrick shard with us the real application Architecture of each application and the customer name.


NCS Architect Team with Patrick Butler Monterde


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