Sunday, October 17, 2010

How to Configure Document ID services

Document ID's is new future in SharePoint Server 2010 which provide you the ability to tag documents with a unique identification number.

I remember few of my clients have done custom solutions take care of in SharePoint 2007. With this new feature, you get all the required functionality to tag documents with unique identification numbers based on a specific pre-set formula with a custom prefix.

  • New site collection Feature: Document ID Service
  • Adds unique ID for all documents throughout the site collection
  • Documents can be retrieved regardless of the current of future location based on their unique ID, which does not change after initially set for the document
  • Using Microsoft.Office.Document Management.DocumentIdProvider to add custom Document ID provider.

To Enable Document ID Service go to Site Settings -> Site Collection Administration


Click Activate on  Document ID service and to back to Settings -> Site Collection Administration – Site Collection Administration to  Document ID settings links


System will show auto generate your unique ID's OR you can specify a prefix  4-12 document ID which you can configure as you wish


Beside enable above function you need to run following timer jobs so that system will assign the Document ID immediately. 

Go Central Admin. run Now following jobs


Limitation : ONLY content types that are derived from the Document Content Type will have unique ID’s

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