Monday, July 28, 2008

SharePoint Visual How Tos

How Do I: Create Workflows to Transfer Records Upon Expiration in SharePoint Server 2007
Learn how you can create a workflow to transfer records and then associate the workflow as the action of an expiration policy in SharePoint Server 2007.

How Do I: Prevent Document Modification using Windows SharePoint Services
Allow users to modify metadata but not file contents in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 by using event handlers and by handling short-term and long-term check-out processes.

How Do I: Prevent Record Modification in Windows SharePoint Services
Use a custom Upload page to ensure that an existing file is not accidentally overwritten during the upload process in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

How Do I: Build State Machine Document Approval Workflows for SharePoint Server 2007 Using Visual Studio 2008
State machine workflows enable you to model real-world events and business processes. Learn how Visual Studio 2008 makes creating and debugging these workflows easier than ever.

How Do I: Build an Expense Report Approval Workflow for SharePoint Server 2007 Using Visual Studio 2008
Learn how to create a sequential workflow for SharePoint Server 2007 to manage an expense report approval process.

How Do I: Configure and Deploy Workflows to SharePoint Server 2007 Using a Solution Package
Learn how to configure and deploy a workflow to SharePoint Server 2007 using a solution package.

How Do I: Create Custom Workflow Activities for SharePoint Server 2007 Using Visual Studio 2008
Use Visual Studio 2008 to create custom activities in SharePoint Server 2007 that let you automatically send e-mail messages with attachments.

How Do I: Create a Custom Approval Workflow for SharePoint Server 2007 Using SharePoint Designer 2007
Use SharePoint Designer to create codeless workflows for SharePoint Server 2007 that can be attached to SharePoint lists.

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