Sunday, February 17, 2008

SharePoint Deployment Essentials Guide

A new SharePoint Deployment Essentials Guide ready for download.

This guide was designed to provide you

1. Differences between WSS 3.0, SharePoint Server Standard and SharePoint Server Enterprise editions
2. Bulletted Sample SharePoint Server Deployment Plan
3. Checklists for IA, Taxonomy, Training, PM and Ops including sample SLAs and roles, Dev considerations, Infra, Dev and Test env, DR and HA and applicable descriptions (on the back) including a master page wireframe
4. Deployment Roles Diagram
5. Containment Hierarchy
6. Common Physical Toplogies
7. Intranet Governance Model (Pyramid)
8. 10 Steps to a succesful deployment
9. Deployment Flow Chart Role Swimlanes
10. Links and Additional Resources

Click here to Download and print this handy reference.

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