Thursday, December 27, 2007

Returning to India

Today I just come across about Returning to India wow man lot’s people share their true feeling over web it wonderful resource… if any one of you indent to Return to India you may browse through below website and collect info tod avoid lot of issue and you can make better plan.

This forums discuss about
There are various issues like finance and investments, job search, finding a good school for kids, find a good house or apartment to settle down.

Few plan to return to the same city where they were born and have relatives and friends; some return to another city where the job opportunities are plenty. Some return for reasons of past and some for the reasons of future ! Building social network in this new city is a key for the second group of people.

There are several things we need to unlearn and learn again to go back and live in our home country. This may seem strange but there is no escape. We should get ready for reverse culture shock. Unlearning few things will go long way in making the transition smoother.

All is not easy or done after return. We might have left behind our retirement plan funds, taxable mutual funds, bank accounts. Some of us have to file taxes in more than one countries, manage accounts abroad.

How much is required ? How to file taxes after return ? How do we manage the money ? How do we ship goods ? What container ? What to carry back with us ? Don't worry we have answers for all these questions. Not one answer, but plenty of answers, yes, all from those who has done it in real life.

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